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Single Batch Orders

At NSJ Engineering Ltd we use our experience and expertise to offer our clients a smart and efficient manufacturing service.

Whether it’s batch-work you need, or perhaps a one-off manufacture for a spare or repair, then we are able to help.

We understand that when you are in need of various components, there will be times when you need them in a timely fashion, that’s why we can usually offer a reasonable lead time.


As precision engineers for 37 years, we have experience of machining various materials for various components.


In addition we are able to manufacture machine components from various materials including high speed stainless steel, mild steel, brass and many other materials.

One-off manufacturing
We understand that there are times when you may need a replacement or spare machine component, and this is why we also offer one-off manufacturing services.

We are able to manufacture components from various steels and brass, complete to your specification, whilst taking on short, medium and long-run work.